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A Few Awards the Cincinnati Enquirer Didn’t Win

I recently read about the BIG night that the Cincinnati Enquirer had when they received 25 awards during the Ohio Associated Press Media Editors statewide journalism contest in May.   Good journalism is to be appreciated and Cincinnatians have long been spoiled by a high degree of professionalism from the media. (See article at )

When looking at some of the awards that the Enquirer won, it made me consider a few of the awards that the Enquirer let get away.   Top on the list of stories would be the Cincinnati Port Scheme to float $14.5 million dollars worth of bonds to buy 194 single family houses with the goal to renovate them, raise the rent and create affordable housing.    As it turns out a high percentage of the homes the Port bought were vacant, and in much worse condition than anticipated.  Repairs averaged over $68,000 per home compared to the $25,000 projected.  Losses are mounting.  Forbes called the move by this Quasi-Hamilton County Government entity “a bad idea.”   We count on the Enquirer to help provide information to help stop our governments from doing stupid things.

Speaking of Government, maybe the Enquirer and Gannett could have won an award by doing a little honest reporting about the FBI spending four years investigating Donald Trump over Russia-gate.   I must admit, the potential of watching the former President being “peed” on by Russian Woman is a compelling visual.   My guess is the Enquirer could have surely won the “Common Sense” award by taking a good look at this very tall tale.    Maybe by writing a story about the Russia Hoax the Enquirer could have even helped us save over $6 million and 4 years on the Durham report.

Award winning ideas just keep coming to me…    How about the State of Public Education in Ohio and the fact that our Cincinnati kids are at less than a 50% competency rate on reading and math?    Could there be an award-winning story out there to report on that might not involve the narrative that 1) Teachers are underpaid, 2) Those darn conservatives are burning books, 3) Our great Union teachers are doing their job, why aren’t the kids?  

What about Transgenderism?   With LGBTQ+- being such an important issue now there has got to be an award or two looming there for a good story.  Might I suggest you look at the fact that 9.2% of the 13-17 year population is now identifying as lesbian, gay, or bisexual and this has never happened in the history of mankind?    Maybe there is an award winning new article that would discuss the root cause of this dramatic change in sexual orientation and why it is happening .    Let’s also add to the story information about the mutilation of kid’s breasts and penises and if these procedures can be reversed?  

We all know how much Opinion Editor Kevin Aldridge loves a systemic racism story.  I think I may have Kevin’s next award-winning story.   Could he drill down for us and help us to explain the role of single-parent families and crime?   Is there a relationship?   Is there a reason why there are more than 30 shootings a weekend in Chicago and 197 people killed to date this year?

Finally, while the editor is passing out story ideas how about some ground-breaking work on Hunter Biden and his laptop.    I realize the FBI has now had Hunter’s laptop for 5 years so maybe they need a little expertise from the Enquirer’s award-winning cadre of journalists.  If you do this story, could you also discuss the $30 million that was sent to the Biden family for something?  

There are so many opportunities for so many future awards.   To Enquirer Executive Editor Beryl Love,  congratulations to you and your team for the recognition received—you have several good reporters.  The good news is there is still an ample amount of work to do, and still many opportunities to prove your claim that the Enquirer isn’t liberal.

Daniel P. Regenold

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