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New York Sun Calls Kennedy “Fringe” And “Kooky” Despite Populist Positions

The New York Sun’s Scott Norvell calls RFK Jr. a “fringe” candidate, and “kooky”, in his May 5 article titled Surprise Showing of Democratic Fringe Candidates RFK Jr., Williamson Giving Biden Heartburn”.

Norvell supports his negative characterizations of Kennedy by citing his positions on numerous current issues: his opposition to letting transgender men compete against female athletes; his skepticism about U.S. support for war in Ukraine; his concern about massive illegal immigration; and his belief that billionaires are exploiting climate change concerns to impose totalitarianism. And, of course, he labels Kennedy “anti-vaccine”, and fails to explain that Kennedy’s concerns are based upon peer-reviewed, published research studies.

Norvell avoids any discussion of Kennedy’s broad campaign platform positions; he directs his readers’ attention to the trees in order to prevent them from gaining a forest-wide perspective.

A review of Kennedy’s ’24 campaign platform shows a set of priorities that echo the platforms of both Obama’s ’08, and Trump’s ’16, campaign. Kennedy promises to address government corruption, to heal our polarization and unify the nation, to clean up our environment, to restore economic vitality by bringing back manufacturing, to stop wars abroad, and to restore our guarantee of civil liberties, such as the freedom of speech.

These priorities, which were largely embraced by the mainstream press in 2008, apparently don’t appeal to the mainstream press any longer. We therefore can expect the mainstream press to continue its efforts to marginalize Kennedy, and to obscure his real message, through smears and misdirection. This raises the question as to whether Kennedy will then be able to get his real message out to mainstream voters through the independent press and social media.

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