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Ken Rudin Calls Tucker Carlson A Megaphone For Racism — Without Evidence

During his April 27 guest appearance on WVXU’s Cincinnati Edition, political podcaster Ken Rudin accused former Fox News host Tucker Carlson of having become “a megaphone for white racism and white nationalism.”  However, Rudin failed to support this grave accusation with evidence.

Yet Rudin made numerous other claims about Carlson, which he substantiated with evidence.  For example, Rudin backed his claim that Carlson was “inserting himself in politics” by citing the fact that Carlson had traveled to Mar a Lago to advise Trump on COVID policy.  

So why the inconsistency?  Why did he fail to cite evidence when making such a serious claim about another journalist?  Was Rudin’s accusation of racism based upon his own independent analysis of the content of Carlson’s show?  Or, was he simply parroting well-worn, and baseless, stereotypes?  

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