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The Illustrated Congressman: Greg Landsman Bares His Tattoos And The Stories Behind Them

It was impossible to resist writing in response to the article the Cincinnati Enquirer originally published on March 20, 2023 titled, “The illustrated congressman: Greg Landsman bares his tattoos and the stories behind them.” Having read newspapers for many decades now, I was astonished the paper would publish such a naive piece featuring the significance of Congressman Greg Landsman’s assorted tattoos.

Reminiscent of something a teenager would publish in a high school newspaper, the missive offered nothing better than the likes of a social media post, going so far as to feature photos of Landsman in revealing poses flaunting his various tattoos.

The photos and the report were extraordinarily unbecoming of a U.S. Congressman. There was a time when such a role was exemplified by a stately and disciplined outward appearance. Perhaps this is why it was reported that other Cincinnati-area Congressmen were “coy” about disclosing the details of their tattoos to the author. Could it be these elected officials who included Davidson, Wenstrup, and Vance understand the importance of their roles as public servants, instinctively recognizing that honoring their posts does not include posing for the media to showcase tattoos?

Finally, since Landsman is apparently a walking billboard for his paltry list of accomplishments, I’m curious where he’s hidden his “Gang of Five” tattoo, marking the illegal behavior of his and four other city council members that cost Cincinnati taxpayers $172,588. That one left an indelible mark somewhere for sure.

Please spare us another tattoo feature when Landsman gets inked again. He will probably post it straight to Tik Tok anyway. And if this really is all the substance Landsman has to offer, it will not be shocking next election cycle if he notices his supporters have gone the way of paid newspaper subscribers.

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