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On July 19, 2023, the Biden Administration announced that its Department of Health & Human Services is suspending federal funding to China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology (“WIV”).  According to its announcement, the Department has apparently lost patience with the WIV’s failure to provide documentation relating to biosafety protocol violations.  Why did the Administration wait until now to worry about the lack of documentation regarding safety precautions, of all things?

The pandemic is evidently fading slowly away. This plainly follows the Administration’s announcement last May that the COVID health emergency had ended.  That’s fine – the COVID lockdown directives did their work.  They demonstrated how most of the Western hemisphere’s citizenry could be intimidated to give up their freedoms and live like caged rats if enough fear was broadcast by government leaders.  It served to allow millions of people to get injected with a serum that wasn’t really an effective vaccine but does seem to be effective in causing serious physical harm in ways we may only be beginning to appreciate.

Many scientists warned from the outset that the virus was deliberately created and unleashed on the world so that the “vaccine” could be injected into the general population of societies that needed to have their numbers diminished. Societies such as ours.  I’d urge you to check this out on the internet.  You can start with Dr. Ricardo Delgado, who led research by Spanish doctors and biochemists that led to this conclusion in a report issued in 2021.  Dr. Li-Meng Yan is a top virologist and was employed by the World Health Organization at a reference lab at the University of Hong Kong until she became a whistleblower. They are among many knowledgeable scientists who, having warned of the intentional breakout of the virus and dangers of the vaccines, were then stricken from social media posts and disparaged by other scientists loyal to the charlatans who foisted this on us. But the words of these “heretics” are there for those who seek them out.

In the Administration’s announcement of the suspension of funding for WIV, they referred to it as “China’s” facility.  Interesting.  We know that all businesses and corporations in China are either owned or controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.  Pfizer is interwoven with China in the manufacture and distribution of its vaccine.  One respected scientist, David E. Martin, PhD, testified in May 2023, at the European Parliament International COVID Summit in Brussels, Belgium that Pfizer and Moderna had the vaccine essentially ready to go before the pandemic started, and only needed the existence of the release of the virus to make those two companies monstrously wealthy.  The release of the virus was going to happen – it was a question of when.

World Health Organization Director-General Tedros announced in early May 2023 that the COVID crisis is officially over.   So that’s all in the past, and we can breathe a sigh of relief.  But can we?  We know that fentanyl is crossing our open borders and creating a new crisis of its own.  Where’s the source of the supply?  Not surprisingly, we are told it’s China once again.   If true, the raw materials are being manufactured in Chinese labs.  Are we certain that we’re not funding some of these labs for some kind of research?  And, if so, are these labs submitting documents regarding biosafety protocol procedures?

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