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In an age when just about any information can be easily accessed instantaneously, it is more difficult than ever for people who refuse to think critically to notice when they are being lied to by those they blindly trust to tell them the truth.

I have been trying to get leftists to carefully scrutinize what they are being told by the leftist media. But they refuse to do so because they can’t believe that they are being lied to.

Example of Liberal Media Blatantly Lying To Their Viewers

A great example of liberal media blatantly lying to their viewers is CNN’s Van Jones’ response to Vivek Ramaswamy’s claim that the Great Replacement is a Democrat tactic. Rather than acknowledge the truth of Ramaswamy’s comment, Jones described it as a smug, condescending spewing of poison, very dangerous, and one step away from Nazi propaganda. Ramaswamy responded by posting a 2021 clip of Jones proclaiming his approval of the Great Replacement. In the clip Jones states:

“and that’s basically the request from the racial justice left. Is that we want the White majority to go from being a majority, to being a minority and like it…”. (See caption below).

In a video clip that the Hill Rising hosts Jessica Burbank and Spencer Brown play, Glenn Greenwald pointed out during an appearance on the Megyn Kelly show, the great replacement theory is indeed a Democratic Party idea, one that Democrats have written entire books about.

The left repeatedly uses accusations of “Nazi” to make their viewers believe that Conservatives are pro-Nazi in their views, and to scare those who trust them into not voting for Conservative candidates. And far too often, this tactic works.

Another Example Of The Left’s “Cry Nazi” Tactic Is Used on Trump To Influence The Liberal Audience

I am no fan of Trump’s poor word choice during public appearances, but that is no justification for misrepresenting what he actually says.

The liberal media, as usual, have taken Donald Trump’s comments at his recent New Hampshire rally, and miraculously transformed them into Nazi rhetoric.

Trump’s words were nothing of the kind, and any honest person just listening to the clips that they actually use of Trump’s statements would know this. In the clip Trump is specific in his reference. He was not discussing all immigrants; rather, he was referencing other countries emptying their mental institutions and prisons into our country at our borders, when he said they are “poisoning the blood of our country”. And the liberal media knows this — this is not a mistake.

This intentional twisting of Trump’s words is devious, and we have to depict it as such. Failure to do so only supports their lie.

We Must Also Point Out How Foolish Their Audience Is To Allow Themselves To Be Duped and Manipulated In This Manner

In another example, a CBS report on Trump’s New Hampshire rally comments shows Chris Christy saying that he does not see how anyone could hear what Trump said and think Trump is fit to be president.

Again, notice how easily CBS shamelessly lies to its audience — it makes no effort to honestly represent Trump’s comments.

Similarly, in the screen shot below CBS then says that even the White House repeated the same lie.

In yet another example, CNN plays the clip and tells viewers that Trump is using White Supremacist language with a bullhorn, not a dog-whistle. It is blatant, shameless lying. Nothing in Trump’s comments was anti-immigrant, and yet the CNN caption refers to it as anti-immigrant rhetoric. (See caption below).

We have to call them by name and expose them for lying to their audience like this.

(CNN’s Steve Contorno, CNN’s SE Cupp and Vanity Fair’s Molly Jong)

One more example should suffice.

The Economic Times does the same in lock step with CNN and CBS.

To its Credit, the Economic Times played more of Trump’s speech, allowing even greater clarity on what he was saying. But look at the text in the Economic times YouTube description box below. They tell the same lie, and show no respect for their viewers.

Why does the liberal media tell such bold lies that anyone can detect if they just paid careful attention to what was actually said?

Because they have learned that if they tell their viewers what to think, they will.

And because it has worked so many times in the past without any retribution for reporters, or the network, or social media influencers, they feel they have no reason to stop.

Perhaps pointing this out whenever it happens will help. But I won’t hold my breath about it, neither should you.

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