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Shani Louk Was Not Breathing In Hamas Truck Video – She Was Already Dead

Even though Shani Louk is confirmed dead, there has been some question as to whether she was alive at the moment Hamas terrorists took the video of her on October 7, lying face-down in the bed of a pick-up truck.

Upon close examination of the video, it does appear Ms. Louk was dead at that time because she is not breathing. Her back, and the side of her rib cage, are not moving; her chest is not expanding and contracting — it is completely still. If Ms. Louk had been alive, but unconscious, her breathing would have been visible — there would have been some movement of her chest.

Out of respect to Ms. Louk and her family we will not display the video here. However, the video is widely available, and anyone who wants to test this conclusion can easily find a copy of it and examine it themselves.

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