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The Path Towards Fascism

The Enquirer recently published an article by columnist Dan Sewell in which he identified two groups with seemingly Nazi agendas (protesters at a “humanist Drag Queen Story Hour” in Wadsworth, Ohio and the “Dissident Homeschool” program in Upper Sandusky, Ohio).  He expressed fear that Ohio was becoming a center of national socialist propaganda reminiscent of 1930s Germany.  [Dan Sewell:  Achtung!  Ohio getting linked to Nazis.  Cincinnati Enquirer (3/23/23)].

I too have been fearful that my country is going down the path of Germany in the 1930s, heading toward fascism.  However, my fears are based on the hatred espoused by the Woke movement and the disruptive actions of liberals apparently supportive of that movement.

German citizens in the 1930s lost their freedom to criticize the government.  Books expressing opinions contrary to the regime were banned and even burned.  Those with opposing viewpoints were ostracized or just plain disappeared.  From what I hear and read, it’s obvious that many liberals are either oblivious to or uncaring of the extent to which conservative voices are currently being suppressed in this country.  These liberals are so impressed with their own “moral superiority” in championing those whom they have identified as “oppressed” that they feel obligated to squelch any viewpoints that would seemingly challenge their idolism of those oppressed.  Look at the college campuses that have experienced near-riots when conservatives such as Ben Shapiro and Dinesh D’Souza, were invited to speak.  Very recently, University of Pittsburgh students demonstrated and burned in effigy Michael Knowles, a conservative podcaster who had been scheduled to debate on the transgender issue. Many conservatives are openly wondering whether Fox’s recent dismissal of Tucker Carlson was in response to pressure arising from what he has said or perhaps what he is likely to say in the future.

Adolf Hitler realized early on in his rise to power that he needed to indoctrinate the German children so that they would willingly sacrifice themselves on his behalf.  The Nazi Youth organization flourished in Germany.  As an extra incentive for joining the movement, children were fed by that organization at a time when the average German citizens were close to starving due to the post-World War I devastation plus the Great Depression.  The Nazi Youth members could be counted upon to snitch to the government if their parents deviated from the party line.  If so, the children could be removed from the family into a state-controlled environment where they could be raised as citizens loyal to the Nazi regime.   

The liberal movement in this country has learned well from the German playbook.  Our schoolchildren from the primary grades through university are being taught to hate and distrust their county and this way of life.  They are being taught to put their faith in a new social order where the government will provide all means of sustenance so that they never have to challenge themselves to “succeed”.  Success isn’t to be earned – it will be bestowed by those on high.  States are considering establishing a guaranteed income whereby ‘special’ groups of people will receive recurring cash payments from the government with no strings attached.  (See, Guaranteed Income – An Economic Support Whose Time Has Come by Jeremy Rosen, Shriver Center on Poverty Law (6/21/21).  Further,  equity rather than merit in school grading is being discussed in the mainstream media.  We may see a day when medical treatment is administered by a doctor who got into medical school without excelling in math or science.   What will this country look like and how will it function once the old ways have been demolished and the new regime takes over?

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