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It Will Take A Transformational Leader To Keep U.S. From Becoming Next Greece

Dan Regenold’s opinion piece titled It Will Take A Transformational Leader To Keep U.S. From Becoming Next Greece was published in the print edition of The Cincinnati Enquirer on November 20, and then it was picked up by MSN and Yahoo News on November 22. Read Dan’s piece on The Cincinnati Enquirer’s site here. Read […]

Emma Jo Morris Discusses Breaking The Hunter Biden Laptop Story While At The NY Post

Breitbart News’ Emma Jo Morris spoke to EmpowerU America on Wednesday, November 8, to share her experience breaking the Hunter Biden laptop story while she was a reporter at the New York Post. Listen to her talk here. We recently reported that Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow spoke at EmpowerU America on October 15. Cincinnati-based EmpowerU […]

Shani Louk Was Not Breathing In Hamas Truck Video – She Was Already Dead

Even though Shani Louk is confirmed dead, there has been some question as to whether she was alive at the moment Hamas terrorists took the video of her on October 7, lying face-down in the bed of a pick-up truck. Upon close examination of the video, it does appear Ms. Louk was dead at that […]

10,000 Dead Gazans Is Proportional To 1.75 Million Dead Americans

Israeli President Netanyahu has attempted to maintain American support for Israel’s response to Hamas by relating what happened on October 7 to key events in American history. For example, during Netanyahu’s October 18 meeting with US President Joe Biden he said the 1,400 Israelis murdered would be equivalent to 50,000 Americans dying on 9/11. While […]

NPR’S A Martinez: “I’m In Public Radio Because I’m…The Son Of…An Illegal Immigrant”

NPR’s Morning Edition co-host A Martinez today aired his interview with recording artist Sen Morimoto. The two discussed Morimoto’s new album, Diagnosis. In NPR’s description of the interview NPR states that Diagnosis “is a critique of the music industry’s habit of commodifying trauma and identity”. During the interview Sen complains about the burden Capitalism imposes […]

Gaza Truck Deliveries At A Mere 2% Of Pre-War Levels

Gaza has received only 84 truck deliveries in the past week, compared with its pre-war average of 3,500 trucks per week, reports Juliette Touma, Communications Director for United Nations Relief and Works Association (UNRWA). This means the current truck deliveries are at only 2% of pre-war levels. Yet Gaza residents’ needs likely are even greater […]

Gazans Loot 4 United Nations Warehouses For Food

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) today issued a press release reporting that thousands of Gaza residents broke into four different U.N. warehouses within the Gaza strip in order to take flour and other necessities. According to Thomas White, Director of UNRWA Affairs in the Gaza Strip, these acts suggest that “civil order […]

Hannity Shocks Audience – Doesn’t Interrupt Mike Johnson During Interview

Last night on Fox News’ Hannity, host Sean Hannity conducted his first interview with newly-elected House Speaker Mike Johnson. The long-time talk show host was on his best behavior in an unusually dignified performance. Hannity showed himself to be unusually polite, respectful, and soft-spoken. He only selectively interjected his personal opinion, and when he did […]

Speaker Johnson Must Prove To Americans That Israel Really Needs Money

During his October 26 television show (video below), Sean Hannity interviewed newly-elected House Speaker Mike Johnson. One of the issues the two discussed was President Biden’s proposed military aid packages for Ukraine and Israel. Biden has proposed $61 billion in new aid for Ukraine, and $14.5 billion for Israel. The American people are very concerned […]

Gaza Doctors Performing Amputations On Children On Floor Without Anesthesia

Dr. Mohammed Abu Mughaisib, a Medical Coordinator with the organization Doctors Without Borders currently working in Gaza, tells Britain’s Channel 4 news that the conditions in Gaza hospitals are horrendous. Dr. Mughaisib says you can’t really call them hospitals anymore — they are shelters, and there is no privacy. They are out of medicine and […]