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Hannity Shocks Audience – Doesn’t Interrupt Mike Johnson During Interview

Last night on Fox News’ Hannity, host Sean Hannity conducted his first interview with newly-elected House Speaker Mike Johnson. The long-time talk show host was on his best behavior in an unusually dignified performance.

Hannity showed himself to be unusually polite, respectful, and soft-spoken. He only selectively interjected his personal opinion, and when he did so it wasn’t in an overbearing manner. He didn’t continuously bring the conversation back to himself. And, most uncharacteristically, he didn’t interrupt or talk over Johnson.

The fact that Hannity avoided his typically boorish routine while interviewing Johnson suggests that he’s fully aware of his behavior and its effect on others, and that it’s something he can consciously control when he wishes to do so. It certainly would be nice if he exercised that control every day.

Enjoy Hannity’s rare performance with Speaker Johnson in the video recording below.

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