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Gaza Doctors Performing Amputations On Children On Floor Without Anesthesia

Dr. Mohammed Abu Mughaisib, a Medical Coordinator with the organization Doctors Without Borders currently working in Gaza, tells Britain’s Channel 4 news that the conditions in Gaza hospitals are horrendous.

Dr. Mughaisib says you can’t really call them hospitals anymore — they are shelters, and there is no privacy.

They are out of medicine and supplies, and are performing operations and amputations, including on children, on the floor without anesthesia.

He said that doctors and surgeons are exhausted from working for 19 days straight, and are suffering mentally and emotionally, with many crying.

He said the overall situation in southern Gaza continues to deteriorate, with limited food and scarce water. Fuel will soon run out.

He said that despite their being told to move south to escape the bombing, in the last 48 hours Israel has begun bombing the south, very near to where he is.

He said those injured from the bombings — those showing up in the hospitals — are women and children.

To listen to the interview advance the player to 8:10.

UK’s Channel 4 News interviews Doctors Without Borders’ Dr. Mohammed Abu Mughaisib regarding hospital conditions within Gaza. Advance player to 8:10.
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