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Gaetz Fails To Explain His Support For Jordan And Emmer During Appearance on Bannon

In an earlier post we discussed how Matt Gaetz’ support of Jim Jordan, and then of Tom Emmer, as House Speaker candidates appeared to contradict his requirement that the next Speaker demonstrate a focus on fiscal responsibility, cutting spending, and reducing our national debt. We assumed whoever Gaetz supported must hold these priorities since he had ousted McCarthy as Speaker expressly because he did NOT support them.

Gaetz yesterday appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room show to discuss the behind-the-scenes story of the House’s election of Louisiana Representative Mike Johnson to House Speaker. While Gaetz provided the fascinating backstory behind Johnson’s election, Gaetz failed to acknowledge, or explain, why he had previously supported Jordan and Emmer. And Bannon, who tends to not challenge guests who are friends and allies, did not challenge Gaetz on this question.

So while Bannon’s interview with Gaetz is a good listen, we’re still waiting for Gaetz to explain his seemingly contradictory behavior.

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